P3 Leadership

People and  Organisational Development Consultancy Services

At P3 Leadership, we provide solutions in the key areas of individual, team and organisational development in the following areas.

  • Purpose
  • Planning
  • Project Management
  • Performance
  • Personal Organisation

Purpose – ‘No sense often leads to nonsense

A sense of purpose, or the lack of it, has a major impact on anyone or organisation. For a business, which intends to employ people, then it is about the Mission, Vision, Values (MVV). For the individual, it is more personal but equally important. Time spent on developing these ensures the foundations of future behaviour and decisions. We can review and/or facilitate the creation or development of these important business foundations.

Planning - ‘A day is a lifetime for the Mayfly

Planning is a process that is affected by skill. Whether long-term, strategic, planning for the business or daily, tactical planning for the individual, knowing your route enables more control to be applied and delays to be spotted earlier. This allows corrections and a great reduction in unnecessary pressure for all concerned.

Project Management – ‘You get to be a year late, one day at a time

This is an expert skill that is now becoming a standard requirement for successful businesses. In 1 day I can show you how to plan; in 2 days I can train you to do it; and in 3 days I can train you to manage that plan with all its deviations. Project management is a budget devouring process is 3 dimensional and is not just about the Gantt Chart but requires a real clarity of thinking and delivery that focuses on both the individual and organisational levels. We can deliver skills sessions as well as ensure that your capability is robust.

Performance – ‘ Measuring everything but delivering nothing

The process by which managers manage their staff within an organisation is more impactful than most people realise. The challenge is to remove the confrontation and/or bureaucracy and replace it with a process that engages along the ‘hire to retire’ continuum. An effective process that reinforces the linkage between performance and reward, across the business, helps ensure commitment to the business. Our innovative approach has been used in a number of countries and across different business cultures. We can help in design as well as our “5 Key Conversations” workshop

Personal organisation - ‘It is, always, someone else’s fault

This concept is too often called time management’. We work with individual’s in their workspace to tweak the core principles of effective working by using simple and repeatable concepts that help people get a grip on the breadth of things happening to them. It covers both technology and old school approaches to work and the results are visible. We provide focused training and coaching on this topic for senior individuals who can't attend longer events.

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