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from Wisdom comes order - from Chaos comes growth

Wisdom & Chaos provides innovative and practical solutions

to both individuals and businesses.

My name is Bill Atkinson and I am a Solutioneer.

Got a problem? The cogs of any successful business machine must be both robust and mesh effectively. Even for the self-employed. Failure to understand what these cogs are and how they interact can stunt the potential within a business.

So what can you do?

  1. Phone a friend - They will be supportive but perhaps not objective
  2. Ask an expert - Are you ready to know who or what to ask?
  3. Hire a consultant - As long as it's not the same as a friend with an invoice!
  4. Talk to a Solutioneer - It's a no-brainer. 

A Solutioneer brings an innate ability for finding connections between seemingly disparate phenomena, quickly spotting the relevant patterns and issues and then developing alternative ways to proceed and putting these in place. 

Virtual S.A. Holiday – Day 9. 

After 45 years’ experience in various roles, including running my own OD consultancy, I offer business owners an opportunity to have a structured conversation, focusing on any of those 4 COGS.


They are:


  • Clarity – What business are you really in and its purpose?
    1. What do you offer?
    2. What do your customers need it?
    3. Where are you going?


  • Order – How well does your business run?
    1. How well does your business model run?
    2. How are you measuring your performance?
    3. What does your feedback loop tell you?


  • Growth – What are you plans for growth?
    1. How do you identify customers?
    2. What is your retention strategy?
    3. Do you have a referral scheme?


  • Skills – personal not technical, such as:
    1. Giving a presentation
    2. Personal effectiveness in the office
    3. Networking


Naturally, we can always have an Ad Hoc conversation, but the list above may help you focus to begin with.


My goal is the same as yours – Your Success.


If you are interested in having a discussion about any aspect of what you have read about or whether you are currently facing a challenge you may want some help with, then please feel free to contact me.   

Remember, it's free to talk; whatever size your business is.

My contact details:

Mob: +44 (0) 7740681808

Email: kiteman53@gmail.com