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Biography - Bill Atkinson

I have had many job titles over my 40+ year career and Solutioneer is probably the most accurate as my Gallup StrengthFinder profile - Ideation, Activator, Strategic, Relator & Command - suggests.

My broad leadership experiences during a military career in the 1970's and 80's, followed by marketing and communication roles within the defence manufacturing industry, combined with an organisational development role within financial services have provided me with a plethora of experience and exposure to different cultures.

Whether selecting and developing specialist units, raising money for charity, achieving one of the first Investors in People (IiP) awards in Scotland or launching a corporate UK-wide Ideas Programme, my  innovative approaches have been the hallmark of my success.

The Contribution Management process I co-designed and implemented for Standard Life back in 1998, with reward specialist Lorna Ashworth, is still at the leading edge of how to manage and reward performance

Another strength is  working with others to achieve the agreed goal. Collaboration has been a key aspect of my success throughout my business life and the concept of teamwork has been a mainstay through my career.              I understand that any possible solution must suit the client's culture and have their full support to enhance the chance of successful implementation.

Since 2000, I have run an organisation development (OD) consultancy called P3 Leadership which I still operate. During this time I have worked with a broad array of organisations around the globe from blue-chip to individuals, in the public, private, charitable and voluntary sectors.

I setup Wisdom & Chaos with the intention of helping new and struggling businesses.  Whilst I can, and will,  provide support to any size of business in need, it is my intention that through Wisdom & Chaos I can provide a developmental consultancy service that is free at the point of delivery.

The employment of P3 Leadership as a consultancy service has a cost and the fees are determined by my clients view of value.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you feel I can help you.

Bill Atkinson

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