Wisdom & Chaos

from Wisdom comes order - from Chaos comes growth

Wisdom & Chaos provides innovative and practical solutions

to both individuals and businesses.

My name is Bill Atkinson and I am a Solutioneer.

Got a problem? Well, with luck it's probably not as bad as YOU think it is? Often, people who are too close to the problem focus more on the downside than others less invested.  

So what can you do?

  1. Phone a friend - They will be supportive but perhaps not objective
  2. Ask an expert - Are you ready to know who or what to ask?
  3. Hire a consultant - As long as it's not the same as a friend with an invoice!
  4. Talk to a Solutioneer - It's a no-brainer. 

A Solutioneer brings an innate ability for finding connections between seemingly disparate phenomena, quickly spotting the relevant patterns and issues and then developing alternative ways to proceed and putting these in place. In Gallup Strengths language: an Ideator, Activator, Strategist and Relator. 

Wisdom & Chaos provides Solutioneers. As a consultancy, it provides support to organisations as they face new challenges in the various aspects of their business. We help by focusing on 3 key areas, all of which are related. These are Clarity, Order and Growth.

As a consultancy, we have gained a breadth and depth of experience from working for, and with, multinational organisations to single-person businesses. We have probably, at some time, been in your shoes.

Whether your challenge is big or small, simple or complex, we are available to discuss it fully with you before any commitment needs to be made by either side.

For those who have started a new small business then we offer our services pro bono.

So, If you know of, or hear about, someone facing a challenge that perhaps needs a neutral, but knowledgeable perspective, then please pass on our contact details.

My goal is the same as yours – Your Success.


If you are interested in having a discussion about any aspect of what you have read about or whether you are currently facing a challenge you may want some help with then please feel free to contact me.   

Remember, it's free to talk; whatever size your business is.

My contact details:

Mob: +44 (0) 7740681808

Land: +44 (0) 1315513775

Email: bill@solutioneer.org.uk